Ajey Pandey

Grid Systems Engineer & Technical Communicator


I’m Ajey. Pleasure to meet you!

I use he/him pronouns, and I'm a Class of 2019 student at UMass Amherst Commonwealth Honors College. I major in Electrical Engineering and minor in Philosophy.

In Dungeons and Dragons parlance, I have a dual-class skillset: I am both electrical (grid systems) engineer and writer. This lets me take on roles that can’t be filled by most engineers—or most writers.

I can parse through code with a pen and paper and then explain what that code does in a skimmable documentation page.

I can collect information of lab research work and then compile that data into a report for the State House.

I can take on vaguely defined engineering projects, develop them into something interesting, and then explain what I did in a report that doesn’t bore its audience.

Most engineers don’t have the writing skill to speak for their work.

And most writers don’t have the technical chops to understand engineers.

But I have both. I think like an engineer, but I communicate like a writer.

And if you’ve seen my name on a resume, odds are you need someone just like me.