Ajey Pandey

Student. Writer. Musician. Activist. Human.

Ajey Pandey


University of Massachusetts Amherst. Class of 2019. Electrical engineering major, philosophy minor. Skilled writer, quick learner, broad knowledge base. Interested in circuit design, systems engineering, political theory. Aims to design technology to help people in need and advance a free, just society.

U.S. Citizen
Pronouns: He/Him/His


Electrical Engineering Major, Philosophy Minor. University of Massachusetts Amherst. Class of 2019.

Relevant classes: AC Circuit Analysis; Data Structures (Java); Hardware Organization; Diff. Equations; Intro Logic; Intro Epistemology. GPA: 3.86.

technical experience

Intern. Draper Laboratory. Cambridge, MA. Summer 2016, Summer 2015.

  • Provided integration and test work for highly autonomous vehicle, navigating robot platform. 
  • Designed, built, handheld RTK device with off-the-shelf parts; wrote documentation.
  • Wrote test plans for GPS-INS unit, modified TurtleBot.
  • Tested GPS-INS unit, stereo cameras, IR & laser sensors, path planner; collected, analyzed data.
  • Configured, tested, debugged, operated Linux tools.
  • Received internship through AFCEA Boston Fellowship Awards Program.

creative experience

Podcaster. Perfectly Nice Neighbors. Summer 2017.

  • Conducted independent study exploring nature of gentrification in Boston area.
  • Interviewed residents, government officials; researched and observed neighborhoods; wrote, narrated, scored, edited 20-30 minute episodes.

Writer. Musician. Since 2010.

  • Writing articles; producing independent music, podcasts; posting on Facebook, Medium, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, iTunes.
  • Intimate experience with creative process.
  • Heavy experimentation with genre, style, presentation.

leadership experience

Treasurer. UMass Students for Reproductive Justice. Fall 2017 - Present.

  • Manages budget, writes and submits budget requests.
  • Produces podcast for round-table discussions in group meetings.

Phallacies. UMass Amherst Men and Masculinities Center. Amherst, MA. Fall 2016 - Present.

  • Participant in men’s health theater and dialogue program.
  • UMass Men and Masculinities Center is an inclusive pro-feminist men’s health center focused on healthy masculinities.
  • Phallacies focuses on men’s physical and mental health, dismantling toxic masculinity.

Peer Advisor. UMass Amherst Commonwealth Honors College. Amherst, MA. Fall 2016.

  • Provide administrative help for UMass Amherst Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) advising staff.
  • Handle student files and schedules for advisors.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of CHC curriculum.
  • Help explain CHC curriculum to other UMass Amherst students.


  • Clear informative writing.
  • Podcast production.
  • Creative writing.
  • Linux/UNIX.
  • Vim.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Audacity.
  • Learning complex subjects quickly, from scratch, with minimal supervision.